God Has Visited His People

I went to Mass today in the Extraordinary Form where we celebrated the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost. The Gospel reading for today was from Luke 7:11-16 where Jesus went into the city of Naim with His disciples and sees a funeral being attended by a great multitude. He discovers that the dead man is the only son of a widow and there is much weeping. Our Lord in His Divine Mercy raises the dead son and gives him back to his mother and the crowd glorifies God by saying that God has visited His people this day.

While reflecting on this Gospel, I cannot help but wonder about how God visits His people today. I realized that God visits us in a variety of ways but mainly through the Sacraments and ultimately through the Mass which effects our salvation, our own resurrection from the dead both spiritually but ultimately at the end of time physically as well in the new heavens and the new earth.

The 1962 Missal in its brief explanation of the readings for the Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost, makes some interesting comments as it says that just as Our Lord has pity on the widow who has lost her son in the city of Naim, so today our Lord has pity on our Holy Mother, the Church, who laments the loss of Her children due to sin. Similarly through the Sacraments administered by the Church, our Lord resurrects the children of the Church. Notice the emphasis on the widow’s only child. I would imagine that each of us Children of Holy Mother Church are so valuable to God through His Church that we are loved as if we are the only child that Mother ever had. Notice also that when the Lord resurrects the widow’s son he gives him to his mother. Likewise, when our Lord resurrects us to a state of grace, he gives us to our Mother, the Church who nourishes and keeps us in this state of grace, if we choose to cooperate with the graces we receive from Our Lord through His Church.

It never ceases to amaze me, how generous Our Lord is with us and these readings today reminded me of this.  Perhaps when we attend Mass we can remember that God is visiting us today, healing us, and giving us to our Mother the Church to keep us safe on our Journey Home to Him.

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