Prisoners of His Divine Love

In today’s Epistle reading for the Extraordinary form of the Mass from Ephesians 4:1-6, St. Paul exhorts us to live out the vocation to which we have been called.  What is this vocation?  It is to be a Prisoner of the Lord and, therefore, a Prisoner of His Divine Love.

St. Paul lists how we ought to behave toward one another because of our one baptism into the life of Christ.  We are to be humble and mild, peaceful and caring, towards others- including our enemies.

The Gospel reading for today in Matthew 22:34-46 gives us the words of Christ Himself, the very one who through His life, death, and resurrection has captured us as Prisoners of His Divine Love.

In response to a question from the Pharisees about which commandment of God is the greatest, He tells us it is the commandment to love the Lord, our God, completely with our whole soul and mind and our neighbor as ourself.  A task that is impossible for us without the help of God’s grace.

It is through our baptism and our willingness to be lead captive by Our Lord into His Life and His Love that we are able to show genuine love for others. We receive the ability to love as Our Lord loves by receiving the graces He gives us through our experiences in life and ultimately through the Sacraments.

The Pharisees, like us if left to our own devices, liked to follow rules for the purpose of making themselves right before God which is why they asked our Lord the question about the greatest of all the commandments.  They had, as it is so easy for us humans to do, forgotten that the Law is not an end in and of itself that somehow makes someone righteous but it is a teacher leading us to discover our need to be captured by the Divine Lawgiver who is also our Divine Lover.

Our Divine Captor, Jesus Christ  took on human nature and emptied out Himself completely in love to the point of dying on the Cross and this excruciating and most cursed way of dying has, ironically, become a blessing to all.  And, we, as His followers through our baptism, enter into His Life and Death which becomes not only an example of a Life of Love to follow but also the source of the grace and power we receive from God to actually love others unconditionally.

For those who are willing, the graces we receive from Our Lord through the Sacraments that He provides to us through His Church, can take us captive and make us Prisoners of His Love which compels and aids us to love others as Jesus loves us.  This helps us to become better priests, religious, husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, employers, employees, citizens and rulers.  It reminds us that as Christians we owe it to others to love them as Christ first loved us……and remember Christ loved us so much that he stretched out His arms upon a cross.  Just think how different the world would be if we all lived out our vocations as Prisoners of His Divine Love.


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